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The Arcaini Web

Lightpan Award for Academic Excellence
This website provides useful information about Italy and its rich history.  I am also periodically adding general information related to my family, general historic events, and business related information. 
My original website crashed thanks to an update by the web design platform I used to build my original site in the mid 1990s, which now is       
This first "All About Italy" segment is complete, however, I will expand with additional information as time allows.     

The information contained in this first (Italy) section is based on extensive research of literature, references, published articles and on-line image libraries.  Specific information and images are referenced on a case by case basis under "Source" and "Credits".

If you have any (constructive) comment(s) regarding corrections or additions to any of the content, please email me your suggestions. 

Click on any image on any page to zoom in i.e. enlarge the image

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