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Gianni B. Arcaini


Born in Milan, Italy, Gianni Arcaini completed his early education at a Jesuit Boarding school in Austria,  attended high school in Germany, and graduated from business school in Frankfurt, Germany.  

Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1983, he spent over 10 years in various executive positions in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands, where he joined Robex Internationale Recreatie Groep, Europe's largest multi-national resort development company with headquarters in Amsterdam The Netherlands, and subsidiaries in 9 countries,  as Executive Vice President. The company, a joint venture of three publicly traded companies, appointed Gianni Arcaini to the position of  Chief Executive Officer in 1981.  He eventually acquired the company in a leveraged buyout, and subsequently led the expansion of the company’s operations to the United States, and immigrated with my family to the US in 1983 (the best decision he ever made),  ​Gianni Arcaini has been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of multiple companies, both domestic and overseas since 1981.  He retired in September of 2020 from his position as Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Duos Technologies Group, Inc., which he took public earlier that year, (NASDAQ: DUOT). Gianni Arcaini has been the primary inventor of eleven (11) technology patents and a myriad of non-patented technology solutions currently being commercialized in various applications.  ​"I see myself as a visionary with a deep understanding of the realities of building and growing companies with ties to both sides of the ocean.  I function best and am most effective when faced with complex challenges", Arcaini said.   Since his retirement, Gianni became a published author of a number of books, and he intends to continue publishing books on relevant subjects. He is fluent in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English and conversational in French. Gianni Arcaini is an art and antiques colector, an accomplished musician (keybords), and passionate about history and political debate.

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