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Gianni, a passionate cultural enthusiast, has returned to his roots in Italy and embarked on a mission to showcase the evolution of each region that has contributed to the beautiful country we know and love today. In this first installment of his series "Italy Then and Now," Gianni takes readers on a journey through the breathtaking region of Tuscany. Tuscany is home to some of the world's most renowned visionaries, including Leonardo Da Vinci, whose legacy inspires generations. The region is also famous for its wine and food, boasting some of the most delectable flavors in the world. Furthermore, Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian language as we know it today, making it an essential stop for language enthusiasts. Through the pages of this book, readers will be transported to Tuscany's greatest cities, sites, and events, where the past and present coalesce to create the region's splendor. From the awe-inspiring art and architecture to the fascinating history and culture, Gianni captures the essence of Tuscany, taking readers on a journey of discovery.


This book highlights Italy's Ligurian region and discusses Famous Ligurians, Liguria through the Ages, Ligurian Dialect, Ligurian Food specialties with detailed recipes, and regional wines. The book also contains each of the Ligurian provinces with their major cities, landmarks, and historical and current traditional events.


This book is part of Gianni Arcaini's series entitled Italy Then and Now, which showcases how each region in Italy has evolved over time to create the beautiful country that is so beloved today. This book highlights the wonders and history of two very special regions– Piedmont and The Aosta Valley. From developing their own languages to playing important roles in Italy’s unification, these two regions truly helped make the country what it is today. Dive into Piedmont and Aosta’s greatest Celebrities, foods and exquisite wines, cities, sites, and events, and see foryourself how its past and present weave together to create the splendors that are Piemonte & Valle d’Aosta.


This is a translation of my Father's memoirs, describing the eventful life of an Italian boy, a musician who matured early, and who fought a solitary war against Nazi Germany. During WW2, he struggled to keep food on his family's table and risked his life helping Jewish families and regime dissenters flee Nazi Germany. His code name was "Curly der Professor." He narrowly escaped the death penalty as he was hiding in the woods. He survived the war and Nazi Germany thanks to the rescue of Europe by American troops.


This book explores the challenges faced by parents of 18-year-old boys, delving into their deepest secrets and struggles. It provides insight into what hides behind their seemingly happy facades, addressing topics such as mental health, social pressures, and technology's impact. Employing a developmentally-focused approach, the book offers practical advice and guidance to help parents better understand and support their sons during this critical stage of their lives. Featuring real-life stories while maintaining privacy, this book is an essential resource for parents, educators, and anyone working with adolescent boys.


This book discusses the Pros and Cons of owning a squirrel monkey in the United States. How to care for a pet squirrel monkey, the necessary living environment, the types of food, and how to ensure the health and wellness of a squirrel monkey.  They are VERY cute, but before letting your emotion drive your decision to adopt this cute creature, you should read this book.

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