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  • Welcome to – Exploring Italian History, Culture, and Travel

    Do you have a passion for Italian history, culture, and travel? If so, I welcome you to This website will provide an engaging and informative experience that will help you enhance your knowledge of the country’s past and present. I am excited to get started on this journey together! What You Will Find on On this website, you will find a treasure trove of information about Italy’s rich cultural heritage. From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome (BC and AD) to discovering the artistry of Florence, the site provides comprehensive Facts and Figures about Italy, its Government, and the Italian people. On top of that, the site provides images and detailed maps that illustrate the rich history of this breathtaking country and its diverse regional cultures. The articles and information contained in are based on many years of personal experience and my family history and research of materials published by subject matter experts. Exploring Italian culture should be an immersive experience th at leaves you feeling like you have taken a journey through time. Ergo .... I invite you to join me on this exciting journey through historical and present Italy, the streets of major cities, any of the twenty wonderful regions, and beyond! No matter where your interests lie or how much time you have available, whether it is days or weeks, I guarantee that this website provides something for everyone who is looking to explore Italy’s incredible history and culture. I look forward to taking this adventure together with you here at! Ciao e Buon divertimento (Goodbye & Have Fun)! Gianni PS: email suggestions ( .

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  • 404 | Gianni Arcaini

    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

  • Italy - Italian Facts, History, Regions, Map, Holidays & Traditions | Arcaini

    The Arcaini Web This website provides useful information about Italy and its rich history. I am also periodically adding general information related to my family, general historic events, and business related information. My original website crashed thanks to an update by the web design platform I used to build my original site in the mid 1990s, which now is This first "All About Italy" segment is complete, however, I will expand with additional information as time allows. The information contained in this first (Italy) section is based on extensive research of literature, references, published articles and on-line image libraries. Specific information and images are referenced on a case by case basis under "Source" and "Credits". If you have any (constructive) comment(s) regarding corrections or additions to any of the content, please email me your suggestions. Click on any image on any page to zoom in i.e. enlarge the image Italy Facts and Figures Information about the Name "Italy", Italy's Area, Italy's Population, Italian Languages, Italy's Capital, Italy's Regions, and Italy's Major Cities, Italy's GDP and Economy, Italy's Religions, Education in Italy, Health in Italy, Italy's Government, Italy's Political Parties, Italy's Voting Qualifications, Italy's Armed Services, Italy's Transportation, Italy's Illegal Immigration Map of Modern Italy Map of Modern Italy with the Location of all Regions Italian Holidays Italian Holidays 2022 - 2024, Names of Italian Holidays with English Translation Italian Anthem (Includes Sound) Information about the Origin of the Italian Anthem Fratelli d'Italia, Brothers of Italy, full Italian Anthem in Italian with English Translation, Michele Novaro, Composer and Goffredo Mameli the writer, Italian Anthem soundtrack Italian Coat of Arms Information about Italy's Coat of Arms, Italian Constitution States Italian Flag Information about Italian Flag, Italian Tricolore, Lombard Standar, Emplems of Liberty, Transpadane Republic, Cispadane Republic, Cisalpine Republic Italy’s Major Islands Information about Italy's Major Islands Sicily, Sicilia, Sardegna, Sardinia History of Italy Information about Origin of the Name Italy, History of the Italian Language, History of Italy Summarized, People of Italy, Early Italy, Italy's Bronze Age, History of Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Emperors, Italy's Middle Ages, Lombards, Franks, Ottonians, Italy's Holy Roman Empire, European Dynasties, Rise of Italian City States, Kingdom of Sicily, History of Naples, Italian Renaissance and Italy'sForeign Domination, Napoleonic Era in Italy, Risorgimento, Italy's Unification, Kingdom of Italy, Italy's Fascist Period, Italy's World War II, Postwar Italy Italian Regions Italy's Regions, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Venice, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Piemonte, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardehna, Sardinia, Sicily, Sicilia, Tuscany, Toscana, Trentino Alto Adige, Umbria, Valle D'Aosta, Veneto Special Places: Cinque Terre , Rome, Vaticano Vatican, San Marino Who is Who in Italian History Information about Famous People who have Influenced Italy's History, Carlo Cafiero, Camillo Benso, Conte (Count) di Cavour, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Nicola Fabrizi, Luigi Facta, Giovanni Giolitti, Benito Mussolini, Dante Alighieri, Italian Prime Ministers 1945-2022, Italian Presidents 1946-2022

  • About,Italy,Italian History,Gianni Arcaini

    About this Website This website provides useful information about Italy and its rich history. I am also periodically adding general information related to my family, general historic events, and business related information. My original website crashed thanks to an update by the web design platform I used when I first built the site in the late 1990s. I have re-built and updated my original site, which now is . According to plan, the site will automatically be re-directed to this site. Please let me know if you are experiening ay issue with visiting or navigating the site. About Me I was born in Milan, Italy (let’s say, long time ago), to my mother "Marianne (Mädy)", originally from Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and my father, Prof. Ferruccio Arcaini, a true Milanese Italian. I completed my early education at a Jesuit Boarding school in Austria and attended high school in Germany. I graduated from a state business school in Frankfurt, Germany. ​ Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1983, I spent over 10 years in various executive capacities in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, where I joined Robex International Recreatie Groep (Resort Development Group) as Executive Vice President. Robex was the largest European multi-national resort development company at the time, with headquarters in Amsterdam the Netherlands, and subsidiaries in 9 countries. The company was a joint venture of three publicly traded companies, who appointed me to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 1981. I eventually acquired the company in a leveraged buyout, and subsequently led the expansion of the company’s operations to the United States. I immigrated to the US with my family in 1983 (the best decision I have ever made), where I took residence in Jacksonville, Florida (another luckily great choice). ​ I have been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President of multiple companies, both domestic and overseas since 1981. I retired in September of 2020 from my position as Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Duos Technologies Group, Inc., and its operating subsidiary Duos Technologies, Inc., a high-tech solutions provider with focus on the security and transportation industries. Earlier that year, my capable team and I completed the company's uplisting to NASDAQ, a national public exchange (NASDAQ: DUOT). ​ During my tenure at Duos, I have been the primary inventor of eleven (11) technology patents and a myriad of non-patented technology solutions currently being commercialized in various applications. ​ When Katheryne Chappell Drennon, the owner of Chappell Early Learning Centers, and one of my closest friends, passed away in 2015, I followed her wish to join the board of Trustees of her Family trust, who is the owner of Chappell Schools. After some reorganization I also joined the Board of Directors of Chappell Schools, LLC, who's Chairman I remain today. ​ I see myself as a visionary with a deep understanding of the realities of building and growing companies with ties to both sides of the ocean. I function best and am most effective when faced with complex challenges. ​ I am fluent in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English and conversational in French, so feel free to write your emails in any of these languages.

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